Recesion Economica: Why Recessions Happen

The recessions that occur around the world are the result of economic and social factors, but economists believe they also are the product of human decisions that are shaped by cultural, political and social conditions.The problem with the idea that recessions are caused by human choices is that it’s not clear how the conditions under […]

How to Get Away With Bribing: How to Convince Your Children to Spend More Money

We’ve all seen how easy it is to bribe your children.For example, they can ask you to take a photo of them in a car, pay you for a birthday present, and even send you a letter inviting them to your wedding.In fact, many of us have been asked to do these things in our […]

Why is this economy so poor?

An economic downturn in any given year can have a big impact on the economy.For example, in 2016, the U.S. experienced its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.As a result, unemployment, and the number of people unemployed increased, and wages and income for those workers also fell.But the unemployment rate was much lower than […]

Why you should be worried about the world economy – Forbes

The global economy is in the midst of a long and difficult recovery.That’s not necessarily bad news for a world where global oil prices have been at or near their lowest levels in years, but there are a lot of good reasons to be concerned about what’s going on.We have an economic system that has […]

Which economists are Keynesian? The answer depends on your definition

Breitbart News headline Keynesian economic theorists argue that the Keynesian economy is based on the notion that free markets are the only way to grow a economy, and that we should work hard to maintain an even supply of goods and services.They also believe that free market systems are optimal, because the only things that […]

How to define economic hardship

Uruguay’s central bank has defined economic hardship as people who are unable to find work due to the impact of a drought.According to the central bank, economic hardship means those who have to borrow money to buy basic goods, or those who cannot find enough money to pay rent.The central bank also says that those […]

‘Puppet masters’ of the financial crisis are trying to save their puppets

By JAMES BOUTONES (Reuters) – The European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund are working together to help countries recover from the financial crash, with both officials pledging to act as intermediaries to keep the financial system from collapsing, but not necessarily as a force for good.The new European Union budget proposal, due on […]

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