The Nobel Prize committee has awarded $50 million in cash and an assortment of prizes to creative destruction economists and entrepreneurs, and one of the recipients is Harvard economist Daniel Kahneman.

According to a press release from the Nobel Foundation, the $50,000 cash prize is awarded to two economists who are credited with “creating the economic theory that underlies all of human activity and innovation.”

In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman has called for the government to focus on how to reduce its environmental footprint while promoting economic growth and technological progress.

Kahneman, a fellow at the University of Chicago and the co-author of several books, said in an interview that he would like to see the Nobel Committee award $100 million to help the global community “understand the importance of the economy in the 21st century.”

He also said the prize would be good for the Nobel Prize Committee because it would be more than a mere citation, and that it would help to “open up the process of research and make it easier for other people to get their work published and recognized.”

The other prize is a $50 gift to the American Council on Science and Technology, which is headed by former NASA scientist Richard M. Houghton.

The institute has been involved in several climate research and environmental advocacy projects.

The American Council, which was founded in 1997, has been criticized for its stance on climate change and its advocacy of a carbon tax.

Haugton said in a statement that he plans to donate $25 million to the foundation to help further the institute’s efforts.

“This award will help accelerate the global effort to reduce emissions,” Haugtons statement said.

“We are committed to helping to reduce carbon emissions to a level that is safe and that is manageable.

We have been working with industry and governments around the world to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and we will continue to do so.

We are deeply honored by this recognition and look forward to supporting this important effort.”

Kahnemans book, Thinking, Slow and Slow: The Economics of Human Action, is published by Harvard University Press.

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