In a city that has been built around the automobile, a daily commute to work has been transformed into a pilgrimage.

For the first time in India’s modern history, more than a quarter of India’s population is without a car, and about 30 million people live in urban areas.

India’s urban population is set to overtake China as the world’s third largest by 2020, surpassing the United States and France as the largest economies, according to a recent report from the McKinsey Global Institute.

But despite its urbanization, India is still home to some of the world the most densely populated cities in the world, with many densely populated urban areas suffering from the scourge of air pollution.

A visit to one of these cities can feel like a daily ritual, with traffic jams, long queues for the toilet and a daily scramble to buy groceries, for example.

“The city life is very different from the countryside, and you’re not in a big city with lots of traffic,” said Ankit Gopal, a senior research associate at the McKinley Institute.

“If you have to walk, there’s a bit of a challenge.”

The McKinsey report says India has the world of the automobile as its biggest economic growth market in the next 15 years, but the urban population has grown at a faster rate than the countryside in the past two decades.

In India, the urban growth rate in the period between 2006 and 2020 is almost eight times the rural growth rate.

The McKinley report estimates that if India’s urban growth is to reach its projected 2.1% annual growth rate by 2020 it will require more than $400 billion of infrastructure investment to achieve that goal.

The country has more than 200 million roads and over 3,000 metro lines, according the McKinleys.

While India has a large population, the country is one of the most urbanized in the global world.

According to McKinsey, India’s cities are almost entirely built for vehicles, and nearly half of the country’s cities have roads that require more frequent maintenance than roads in most other countries.

India has about 3 million people per square mile, while the United Kingdom has an average of 1.3 million people, according data from the United Nations.

In the US, for instance, the average size of a US city is just under 1 square mile (1,000 square meters), according to the US Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau’s 2013 report found that, for the US population of 4.1 million, the cities in America were densely populated and with high rates of air pollutants.

“Our cities are the engines of our economy, and we are losing our engine,” said Indira Gandhi, India Prime Minister, at a press conference on the McKinseys report.

Gandhi has also warned that India is losing its manufacturing base.

The growth of India and other developing countries is also slowing down as China, the United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries open their markets to foreign manufacturers.

India’s exports have been declining for decades as the country has become dependent on the manufacturing sector.

The US Census bureau says that over the past 30 years, the number of manufacturing jobs has dropped by 9.5%, with the biggest job losses occurring in the South Asia region and India.

The Bureau says the total number of jobs in India has declined by more than 1 million.

The country’s manufacturing jobs have also been falling since 2010.

According to the McKinys report, India has more manufacturing jobs than China, which has about 70 million people.

According the McKinies, India also has the highest percentage of people who have not graduated from high school in the developed world.

According the McKinchems, India, along with the United states, ranks sixth in the OECD’s index for the percentage of young people who are not in school.

The average life expectancy in India is 73.3 years, according McKinsey.

But the McKinays report says that the median age of Indians is nearly 70, and they have one of highest rates of premature death in the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to the air pollution, India suffers from many of the diseases that plague much of the developed World.

According a McKinsey study, India had more than 80,000 deaths per 100,000 population, nearly triple the United Nation’s estimate.

The McKinsey reports that India has one of five high-level chronic diseases.

The biggest burden on health in India comes from tobacco use, which is a major cause of death in many developing countries, especially in India.

According McKinsey estimates, India accounted for 40% of the total tobacco consumption in the country.

In addition, smoking contributes to an estimated 10% of deaths and an estimated $2.8 billion in economic losses in India every year, McKinsey said.

The problem of air quality in India also affects the lives of people in developing countries.

The pollution has been a factor in the spread of several infectious diseases, including HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, tuberculosis and pneumonia, the McKinries said.

India, like many of its

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