In the year since the release of the blockbuster movie Wall Street, economic obsolescences have been a recurring theme.

A new survey from Gallup finds that nearly half of Americans, 47%, think economic problems are getting worse.

The percentage is slightly higher than the 49% who thought they were getting worse in January.

And while the poll found that economic issues were the top issue Americans were least concerned about, the survey also found that they were the most concerned about a number of other issues, including crime and job creation.

A growing number of people are increasingly worried about the economic outlook.

Nearly half of people polled, 47% of Americans said they were most concerned that the economy would get worse, according to the Gallup survey.

The other half said they felt most worried about economic issues such as unemployment, a slowing economy, and high student debt levels.

Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who said they have a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in the economy has dropped from 42% in January to 29% now.

That’s a significant drop from the 48% who said in January that they have “great” or much confidence in their economic conditions.

The number of Americans worried about unemployment also has dropped, from 26% in February to 17% now, according the survey.

That means a record low percentage of people say they have either a “very” or a “large” amount of confidence that the unemployment rate will fall.

In January, Americans were more likely to say they had a “little” or no confidence in economic conditions than they are now.

While Americans were somewhat less likely to think they had “a great deal” of faith in the economic conditions of their communities in January than they were now, the share of Americans that said they had confidence in those communities had remained fairly stable over the past year.

This is not the first time Americans have been worried about their economy.

Gallup found that more than a year ago, just 24% of the public said they thought the economy was getting better.

But in that survey, Americans expressed even greater concern about economic conditions, including job creation, as well as crime and the job market.

As the Gallup poll shows, Americans are not just worried about getting a job, but also about the cost of having a job.

The latest survey finds that the cost to society of having children is the top concern of Americans.

That number rose from 13% in October to 22% now: The poll also found a substantial drop in the percentage who think that the number of young people in the workforce will decrease.

Among people ages 18 to 29, just 20% said they believed that the rate of birthrates would increase, up from 21% in May.

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