A survey by the University of Michigan’s Center for International Economics found that almost half of economists polled said they have no idea how climate change will affect their field.

The survey also found that climate change was the most important issue economists faced in the world and that they were often the least interested in the science.

The researchers say their findings highlight a lack of understanding of climate science.

They also say that many of the most popular academic journals that publish research on climate change are also dominated by economists.

The report, published on Tuesday, comes as the Trump administration tries to revive the US economic recovery.

“The most important and important issue is that we’re dealing with something that’s fundamentally unpredictable, it’s going to affect everything, and it has a long-term effect on the economy,” said Andrew Leach, the co-author of the report and a fellow at the university’s economics department.

The issue of climate change has become a priority for President Donald Trump, who has sought to revive his economic fortunes during his presidency.

The White House has also tried to shift focus to other pressing issues, including health care and foreign policy.

Leach said that economists should take on the issue of global warming more directly, focusing on its impact on the world economy and the health of the world’s population.

“There is not a lot of empirical evidence about how global warming is affecting the world,” he said.

“It’s not clear that we should be worried about climate change.”

The study also found a high level of scepticism among economists about the health and future of the US economy.

“Our finding of a very low level of knowledge and confidence about climate science does not support the idea that the scientific community is sufficiently confident that climate science is reliable,” Leach and his colleagues wrote.

“In many cases, scientists have questioned whether climate science has any relevance at all to the current world situation.” 

 A similar study published last year found that just two-thirds of economists surveyed in the US agreed with the statement “global warming is caused by human activity”.

Economists also had a much higher level of skepticism about the possibility that climate changes will affect the US financial system.

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