Economies that define their boundaries by the use of the term economic zone are very diverse.

It is possible to define an economic zone as a region defined by economic criteria that is in a state of flux.

In other words, a region may change shape or function over time and not always stay the same shape.

Economic zones are not rigid entities defined by geographic borders, but they do have certain features that give them some special characteristics.

The economic zones are defined by the following characteristics: the geographic area of a zone The boundaries of a region A term that is used to describe the boundaries of an economic boundary, which can be a region or a state A term for a region in the world Economic boundaries have different meanings depending on the context in which they are used.

A regional economic boundary is the geographic boundary between two or more states, with each state having its own economic boundary and economic zones.

Economic boundaries are typically defined by borders and borders often have different definitions.

For example, an economic border may refer to an economic area, but an economic term may refer only to a region within the geographic region.

Economic terms that can be used to define a region are: state economic zone The geographical area of the state that has economic boundaries, and is a part of a larger economic zone that defines a single economic entity within the area.

economic zone of a country The economic zone (economic definition) of a nation, province, or territory that is a member of a common economic union and has economic borders.

For more on economic boundaries and boundaries, see the article Border and Border Definitions.

A state economic boundary The geographic area in which a single state’s economic boundary crosses a territorial boundary that is defined by an international agreement between states.

The international economic agreement (IEA) was established in 1967 to prevent states from diverging economically.

For the United States, the economic zone covers the continental United States and Canada, the Pacific Ocean, and Alaska.

This is the border between Alaska and the Yukon Territory, and the border with Canada extends into Canada’s Northwest Territories.

The border between Canada and the United Kingdom is the international border with Great Britain.

For this reason, it is commonly referred to as the UK border.

This border also covers all other territories of the United Nations.

An economic boundary in a territory includes the boundaries and areas between those territories.

For examples of states with economic boundaries in other parts of the world, see Border and border definitions for international borders.

The political economy of a state Economic boundaries and borders are usually defined by dividing the territory of a single country into economically separate regions and then dividing the region into economic units.

Economic units are the economic units within which a country operates.

For instance, in the United Arab Emirates, the economy of the Emirates is a single economy and there are many economic units that form a single entity.

This economic unit is the Emirates, a separate economic entity.

Economic regions and economic units The geographic areas of economic regions are generally defined by boundary lines and border lines that are drawn to mark a border or to mark an area of territory.

For economic boundaries that are geographically defined, the border is usually marked by a border line that extends across the whole of the country.

Border lines can also be drawn on a geographic area.

For territorial boundaries, borders and boundaries are drawn on boundaries, as in: the territorial border, the geographical boundary, the political boundary, and so on.

For administrative boundaries, the geographic boundaries are often defined by political boundaries.

For these purposes, economic boundaries are sometimes referred to by administrative boundaries.

Territorial boundaries are usually drawn on the borders of territory that has been recognized as belonging to the United Republic of Tanzania (UFT).

For example: in the case of the UFT, the administrative boundaries mark a boundary dividing the Tanzanian territories from the Republic of South Africa (RSA).

Territorial borders are not defined by physical boundaries and, therefore, are not always physical boundaries.

However, for some types of economic boundaries or border lines, physical boundaries are used to delineate borders or to define the boundaries between economic units, and for other purposes.

In these instances, geographic boundaries and political boundaries are the only means of defining boundaries.

Political boundaries and economic boundaries For economic borders to be recognized as boundaries, they must be legally recognized as such, as well as the border lines must have been legally established in the country in which the boundary was drawn.

Economic and administrative borders can be drawn by political entities that operate on a territorial basis.

For other purposes, geographic borders can also define borders, including borders drawn on geographical areas.

For border boundaries to be legally recognised as boundaries in a country, they have to be established in that country by a decision of the government, a body that is recognized as the sovereign authority of the nation in question.

For many countries, the establishment of borders by political and administrative entities is not the primary process.

A country may elect to establish a territorial border

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