A classic economic act is an act that works well when it comes to creating a sustainable economic opportunity for all of society, according to economic economist and former Australian Labor Party leader Tim Worstall.

The act, which was coined by economist Thomas Sargent, has the virtue of not being an act of political will or political power, but rather a “trickle-down” act that results in people seeing economic opportunities through to a broader population.

It is a concept Mr Worstall says is very useful because it helps everyone understand the “basket of goods” that are needed to grow the economy and create a prosperous future.

In the economic act, the key is to provide incentives to individuals to take risks, which means you don’t just reward the people that have the most skills, you reward the ones that have made the most investment.

That can create a virtuous circle where people are encouraged to take risk, which results in an increase in wealth for everyone.

When it comes down to it, the economic opportunity act is a way of delivering the rewards for risk-taking.

There are a couple of things that are unique to the economic market, Mr Worflan says.

One is that it is a market economy, meaning that all economic activity takes place in the market, which can be quite a limiting environment for some people.

Another is that the act is based on a supply-and-demand model, where the market will decide which individuals to reward, and which individuals will be penalised for not taking risks.

“This means that the economic activity can go on, but it will always have a market price attached to it,” he said.

What is a “market price”?

As Mr Worstalls name implies, Mr Sargents act, or economic opportunity, acts as a sort of market price.

For example, if you get an offer from a friend for a home that you are not going to be able to afford, the market price is going to go down because you are willing to pay a higher price.

The act is also based on the idea that there is a limit to what can be done in the world, meaning it will only be possible for those that have been given an opportunity to take it.

This is because people who have been encouraged to pursue economic opportunities are also encouraged to act on the opportunities, and therefore increase their wealth.

If people have been put into a market environment, then they are also more likely to be encouraged to do so, which in turn will increase their income.

To Mr Worsteall, this creates a virtuous cycle.

As the economy grows, so will the wealth of those that are given opportunities to take those opportunities.

This in turn increases the wealth, and as a result, the wealth is more available to those that would otherwise not be able afford it.

Mr Worsten believes this is why the act can be a very effective tool for encouraging people to take more risks and take risks that others would not have considered.

He says it is an important economic act because it is based in the principles of free market economics, which are “idealistic, free-market thinking, and free-markets always reward risk-takers”.

“So the people who are rewarded with an economic opportunity are people who think they can take on more risk,” he says.

Mr Worstall has been researching the economic opportunities act for more than a decade, and he is now a research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Economics.

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