How to make a fake news story about Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s campaign has been a big winner for advertisers since his inauguration, but a new campaign to try and defeat the real estate mogul has also proven a boon for his company.

In its latest advertising campaign, Adweek has taken a swipe at Trump and his business associates, who have received a hefty chunk of Trump’s support during his first term.

Adweek says it’s targeting Trump and the GOP because “the GOP’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico is one of the most shameful and dangerous examples of leadership by an administration not to speak for the American people.”

Adweek points to Trump’s failure to provide help to Puerto Ricans who need it and the “inflated expectations” that fueled the crisis, calling the Trump administration’s response “the most shameful, unhinged and dangerous example of leadership” of a president since Gerald Ford.

The campaign also features a video of Trump talking about how he thinks Puerto Ricos deserve to be treated as “sick people,” with a narrator telling viewers to call the number and speak to a real human being to get help.

“I don’t know how I’m going to help you, because I don’t understand.

But the problem is that the Puerto Ricas have been so sick,” Trump says.

“It’s a problem that they have to take care of themselves.

They can’t do that.

And so I’m trying to help them.”

While Trump has said he has no intention of leaving the country, he has suggested he may consider returning to the island if the crisis is resolved.

Adweek’s video comes as the campaign continues to target Trump and other Republican politicians who have expressed support for the president’s decision to delay a planned move to the mainland.

In May, Trump said he was going to “move to Florida.”

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