How much is a hockey player earning in his career?

That’s easy to answer.

It depends on many factors, including salary, whether he’s a veteran or free agent, the likelihood of a contract extension and, most importantly, his skill level.

There are some things that can’t be measured but can be compared.

The average NHL player earns about $3.9 million annually in the league, or about $2.7 million less than the average player in the United States.

But those numbers don’t take into account what kind of money players make.

That money is in addition to the money they’re already making.

Players earn in-game bonuses.

These are bonuses paid by the league to players based on the performance of the team.

The money is set by the NHLPA.

It doesn’t count salary, but it can be used to pay players bonuses.

A player’s salary and bonuses are not the same, but the league does pay players more than other sports leagues.

The cap for the 2014-15 season was $71.2 million.

If players earned $3 million this season, they would be entitled to $7.9 billion.

The cap for this season was set at $71 million.

To put that in perspective, the NFL was $73 million over the cap.

Here are the projected salaries for the top 30 players in the League.

The salary cap in the NBA is set at a maximum of $130 million, or $130.7 billion.

This season’s cap is $99.7 mln, or just under $100 million.

Here’s the NHL salary cap projected for next season.

The NHL will have about $25 million in cap space for next year.

That’s about $1.5 million less that the salary cap for next summer.

If a team has the cap space available, they can trade it in a future year.

But that’s not always possible, especially in the current salary cap environment.

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