How can the Irish find the right balance between a high level of inequality and a high degree of social mobility?

That’s the question facing the country in the run up to the country’s general election in 2019.

While the country is one of the wealthiest in the European Union, its political system has a poor track record in promoting economic mobility.

There is no guarantee of jobs, but if you are smart, you can get them.

But there is an emerging movement in the country that is aiming to change all that.

Its been described as a “bipartisan” campaign to raise the profile of entrepreneurship in Ireland and bring in more investment.

It is led by the business group, Gleaner Ireland.

In the coming years, it wants to encourage more young people to become entrepreneurs, who would then be able to move into the jobs of tomorrow.

And its not just about creating jobs, the group wants to ensure that the country can offer better opportunities for people from the bottom up.

Its the kind of thing that I’m sure the leaders of the parties would be excited about, says Conor Doyle, the head of Gleaners Ireland.

He says there is a need for a policy that focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship itself, rather than just a “crossover” that brings in a lot of capital.

“What you need to do is ensure that you provide the opportunity to get the skills and the qualifications to be able [to] get onto the path of being an entrepreneur,” he says.

It is an idea that could have an impact on the politics of the country.

Gleaners has previously called for the government to take a “bold” approach to boosting economic mobility and tackling the problem of inequality.

Its aim is to create “bargaining-power-sharing” arrangements that will enable entrepreneurs to share in the gains made by the Irish middle class.

And this is what could be a very big opportunity for the country, says Doyle.

“The way the country works right now, if you were to take money from a business, you are basically transferring some of that to a business from the outside world,” he explains.

“So you end up with a very skewed economy, where people are really squeezed in the middle.”

Gleaner believes that the Irish political system needs to be radically overhauled to make sure that its business and investment sectors are more competitive.

“I think that a lot is still in place in terms of the current economic environment, but I think the problem with that is that it is a system that is extremely vulnerable to disruption,” he adds.

Geaters is one part of a growing coalition of business groups who are urging the Government to adopt a “fair, merit-based” approach towards promoting entrepreneurship.

And that could help change the way the economy is run.

The new model of business in IrelandThe main business organisations in Ireland are not united on this issue, but a new movement called the Entrepreneurs Alliance is pushing for a new approach.

Its members say that their aim is not to create a “perfect” system, but to create one that is more representative of the needs of the Irish working class.

“Our model is that you start from a very simple point of understanding the needs and the aspirations of the workforce,” says co-founder of the alliance, Peter O’Connor.

“And then you work out what your role in that is, and then you try and achieve that by providing the opportunity for entrepreneurs to have access to a high-quality workforce and a fair and just society.”

“We’re not going to make this perfect, but we want to make it better,” he added.

It’s an idea echoed by other prominent business figures.

The Irish Chamber of Commerce (ICAO) has described Gleanergism as a new “political party”, and the Business Leaders Forum, which includes members of the Chamber, the Irish Business Council, the Chamber of Industry and Trade and the Irish Chamber, has also expressed its support for the movement.

“This is an issue that is really important for the Irish business community and the whole country, and we’re all in agreement that there should be an emphasis on entrepreneurship,” said Terence O’Gorman, the chief executive of ICAO.

“We have to recognise that we have a long way to go in terms in terms to the level of opportunity, in terms the level to which we’re able to compete in the world,” says O’Donovan.

“But we need to make the right decisions and we need a fair deal that will encourage more entrepreneurship and the creation of a better future for the whole of Ireland.”

For the Gleaneries group, that includes getting more young entrepreneurs on the job.

Its CEO says he hopes the new model will help bring a “new face” to Ireland’s economy.

“It will make the country stronger and more competitive, because there’s more money to be made and more opportunities to be found,” he said.

“And it will allow people to

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