It is an understatement to say that the US economic outlook has changed significantly in the past decade.

The country is in the midst of a long-term recession and has been forced to spend trillions of dollars to combat it.

Yet this is not the first time the US has experienced such a massive economic downturn.

In fact, it has been the case since the start of the global financial crisis, when the US experienced its biggest recession since the Great Depression.

In this post, we take a look at the key metrics that show how the US is doing in comparison to other countries, as well as a few of the key drivers behind this change in the way we live and work.

The GDP data used to compile the infographic below is from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The data is compiled using data from the Census Bureau.

Source: Bureau of American Statistics The GDP of the United States has declined by over $1 trillion since 2000, which is the year of the Great Recession.

The US has lost nearly half of its value since then.

This is partly due to the huge global financial market meltdown, which hit the US with a vengeance in late 2008 and early 2009.

The Great Recession has led to the largest decline in real disposable incomes in US history, which means that people are living more expensively.

This has led the government to try to prop up the economy by reducing taxes and increasing spending.

It has also led to a rise in the number of unemployed.

The government has tried to help people get back to work, but in doing so, it is cutting back on the benefits they receive.

These cuts have also led some people to leave the labor force altogether.

In the past five years, the unemployment rate has declined from 14.2 percent to 8.9 percent, which puts the US in second place among developed economies after China.

But there is a problem with this picture.

Unemployment is a complex phenomenon, and we cannot just look at unemployment as a percentage of the population.

This means that unemployment has a much wider range of forms and different effects on the economy.

It can affect the number and size of jobs available, and it can also affect the overall economy as well.

The unemployment rate, as a measure of economic activity, does not reflect the actual number of people out of work, which in turn depends on the characteristics of the unemployed, such as their age, gender, and the number they have been looking for jobs in the previous 12 months.

The real unemployment rate is the difference between the unemployment rates of the actual population and the actual unemployment rate of the unemployment system.

As such, the real unemployment figure is not an indicator of the true level of unemployment in the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines real unemployment as: The number of jobless individuals who are not looking for work.

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