In a world of globalisation and global trade, the UK’s economic system definition has become increasingly important in determining the value of its national economy.

But, with the Brexit vote, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to understand just how the UKs economy compares to the rest of the world.

This infographic helps explain how the economic system of the United Kingdom is calculated and helps to shed light on why it is so important.

Read more What is the economic structure of the country?

The United Kingdom’s economic structure is divided into six economic sectors: Production, Construction, Trade, Government and Public Sector.

In each sector, the United States, Germany and Japan occupy the centre.

All of the above sectors are based on a number of different concepts and have been constructed by economists since the 19th century.

The economic structure in the United Kingdoms is therefore divided into a number, with each section of the economy based on its constituent parts.

This section of Britain’s economic architecture is called the National Economy.

Each section of that economic structure, with its own different economic characteristics, determines how much output, output per head and the value added by each sector of the economic infrastructure.

In the United kingdom, output is determined by how much goods and services are produced, the number of people employed in each sector and the number and rate of economic output.

The value added is the output that the economy can add to the market to earn income and earn taxes.

This is based on the number, rate and quality of the goods and other goods the economy produces.

The UK’s national economy is based around four main sectors: the Production sector, which is the largest and most important sector of any of the three sectors.

It includes manufacturing and the services sector which includes services like transport and communication, retail and hospitality.

The Trade sector consists of exports, imports, imports and the provision of raw materials and raw materials services.

The Government and public sector comprises the departments of Culture, Heritage, Transport, Energy and the Environment.

The Public sector comprises five departments that are responsible for social protection, health, education and policing.

In order to measure the value and the output of the four main sections of the national economy, a number called the Output per Head (IPH) is calculated.

The IPH is a measure of how much money each sector generates in output and the amount of taxes it collects, as well as the tax revenue it collects.

The GDP per capita (GDP) is an estimate of the GDP of each sector.

The current level of the IPH and GDP per person is based upon the data published by the Office for National Statistics.

It is therefore important to understand the basic structure of each section to understand how they are different.

Where are the UK countries in the world?

The UK is located in the European Union, which includes all of the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The United States is located on the Pacific Rim and is one of the largest countries in terms of population and wealth.

There are three more EU countries: Portugal, the Republic of Ireland and Cyprus.

The countries of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates also reside in the EU.

The other four EU members, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland and the Czech Republic, are not members of the European Economic Area (EEA).

In other words, they are not part of the single market or of the customs union.

These countries are free to set their own trade deals and do not join the European single market, although they have a common regulatory framework.

What is a national product?

The British National Product (BNP) is a product created by the government of the Commonwealth, and it is used in all goods produced by the Commonwealth.

The BNP is a basket of products, and all goods are produced in one basket.

This includes the value created by all sectors of the British economy, but the BNP also includes the goods created by businesses.

The British Government creates the BPN and then the government is responsible for selling it to consumers.

The amount of the BNP is set by the UK Government and it has to be based on current production.

It also determines the amount that the government collects in taxes.

The government collects a total of 1,852,000,000 BNPs (bills of currency).

The British government sets the amount each person must pay in taxes and provides them with a means of payment.

This means that a person is expected to pay tax when they receive a payment.

The number of tax bills is set on a tax-by-payment basis.

There is also a cap on how many BNPS a person may receive each year, but that is based purely on the amount they earn in their chosen profession.

The total value of BNPR is determined each year by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

The Department of Trade and Industry (DITI) determines the

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