The Republican Party’s latest attempt to shore up its political base has come up short.

In the House, House Republicans are attempting to pass the most significant piece of stimulus legislation in decades, the Economic Stimulus and Jobs Act, or ESIJ Act.

The legislation is expected to be unveiled on Monday and the details are expected to vary from a bill to be voted on by the Senate.

Republicans are aiming for a $1 trillion stimulus package that includes $1.5 trillion in tax credits, $250 billion in federal investments and $1 billion in job creation.

It would also provide a $100 billion cash infusion to states and cities that are already struggling with the consequences of the Great Recession.

But the bill also faces an uphill climb in the Senate, where Democrats have been holding up any attempt to expand the tax credits and to expand federal investments, and many senators are reluctant to support any major legislative proposal.

Here’s how it works: Under the bill, the $1-trillion stimulus package would be distributed among a handful of groups.

It’s the most generous of the two major stimulus packages, and is designed to pay for the costs of the economic recovery.

The bill would allow the federal government to borrow up to $1,000 for each eligible household, or up to 1 percent of the gross domestic product.

It also includes $250 million in tax cuts, and $250 to $350 billion in investment in infrastructure, clean energy, clean water and housing.

The money would be available to states to set up programs to boost the economy, including job training, apprenticeships, child care, food stamps and paid family leave.

The bills would also give states $250,000 per capita in additional funding for unemployment benefits and other social programs.

These funds would be used to help states create jobs and expand access to those benefits.

The states also would receive a $250-per-person cash payment for each qualifying unemployed person and an additional $50 for each person who qualifies for a state job-training program.

There would be an additional tax credit for families making less than $200,000 annually.

That credit would be reduced by the amount of income earned by each family.

All told, the bill would provide a total of $1tn in stimulus, including the additional $250bn in tax breaks and the $250/person cash payments.

These two pieces of stimulus are not the only things the Republican Party is aiming to deliver to the American people.

In addition to the stimulus package and the unemployment bill, lawmakers also are trying to pass a massive tax cut bill, called the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The tax would be aimed at people making less $150,000, the very wealthiest Americans.

If passed, the tax would provide an estimated $2 trillion in additional revenue for the government.

It is expected that the bill will include the tax credit and the additional tax credits as well.

The House of Representatives will hold a vote on the tax cut on Monday, and it will likely pass.

The Senate is expected, though, to pass its version of the bill on Thursday.

The two chambers have been locked in a standoff over the tax overhaul, with Democrats refusing to support the tax bill, and Republicans holding up legislation to expand and expand government spending.

Both chambers are expected, however, to take up the stimulus bill on Monday.

Here are the major pieces of the package: A massive stimulus package is expected on Monday that will give the United States and the world a $2tn boost to the economy.

It will include $1trillion in tax relief for households making less in total than $150k, and up to one-third of the $2trillion the bill offers.

The plan also includes the tax cuts that are targeted to households making between $150K and $200K, and one-fifth of the total tax cut.

The federal government also receives $250-$350 billion to help boost job training and apprenticeships and clean energy.

The $350bn in infrastructure investment is expected in a major way, and would be paid for by the tax break and the cash payments to states. 

States get $250 per person in additional federal aid.

These tax credits would be indexed to inflation and would help pay for new investments.

These are the main pieces of federal spending that Republicans are promising to get done during the new year.

The ESIj Act would provide $250 tax credits to families making $200k or less, as well as $250 for a person making less and up $250.

The program would also include a $350-per person cash payment to states for unemployment and other benefits. 

This is where things get complicated.

Under the ESIw Act, the federal Treasury would receive up to another $250 in cash payments from states.

The amount would be increased for each dollar of income above the $200 threshold.

The cash payments would be adjusted every year based on inflation, but this year the amount would increase from $250

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