The White House is trying to convince Congress to give President Barack Obama $1 trillion in stimulus spending as part of a massive $600-billion stimulus package.

The White House on Tuesday said that it would not give any details of the plan and would not discuss how much money would be spent.

But it would give Congress an outline of how the money would go toward job creation and infrastructure projects, and it would outline a plan for paying the cost of future deficits.

The White’s statement said it would provide “federal funds that would not be used for the purpose of furthering any partisan agenda.”

But it wouldn’t say how the $1.2 trillion would be used.

The announcement is the first sign of a shift in the White House’s approach to the stimulus package after the Democrats won control of the House in November’s election.

In a news conference, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration would make a presentation to Congress on Wednesday.

The new budget outline includes several major announcements:It would provide $1 billion in federal funding for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which will be the main piece of Obama’s stimulus package that will be passed by Congress.

The $1-trillion-per-year increase in federal aid would be distributed to the states, with the largest increases coming in states with populations over 10 million.

The money would also go toward infrastructure projects such as roads and water systems.

It would also be used to pay for the cost-sharing reductions needed to cover the cost for the Affordable Care Act and to pay down the nation’s debt.

The president has said he would not pass any additional stimulus legislation without the support of the Republican-controlled Congress.

Congress will have to approve the $600bn stimulus package in its current form.

That means Republicans could still reject it, or block any portion of it.

Earnest said that the administration had made clear that it was not interested in pursuing a bipartisan deal.

He also said the White is not looking for any deals on the debt limit, which will remain in place for the next two weeks.

The administration has been reluctant to get into a full-blown negotiation over the debt ceiling, and its negotiators have repeatedly said they’re not looking to settle a short-term deal with Republicans.

But the White said it wouldn.

It would also propose a “structural adjustment” to cut the $4 trillion in taxes that Congress and the president are already paying, but the White would not say how much of that would go to pay the costs of future deficit reduction.

The plan includes a number of provisions that have been discussed with Republicans and Democrats in recent weeks, but it also includes proposals to increase funding for schools, transportation, and other public programs.

The spending plan would also include a package of tax breaks for individuals and corporations.

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