PHILADELPHIA — Fake news is real — it’s coming to your television, your blog, your Twitter feed, and the pages of your favorite newspapers and magazines.

The real story of the year is the one that was made up, but that’s not what’s happening in the real world.

We’ve all heard it, and we’ve all seen it, or at least heard it with our own eyes.

The fake news epidemic that is consuming the mainstream media is real, and it’s not just a problem in the media.

As with the pandemic, fake news is often created to stir up political or religious fervor.

In fact, some media outlets are already starting to run with the fake news narrative.

“Fake news is the biggest threat to journalism in the modern era,” wrote James Fallows in The Atlantic.

“That threat has grown exponentially in recent years.

It is not a problem exclusive to the alt-right.

Journalists in the mainstream are being bombarded with an ever-increasing volume of fake news.”

Fallows is correct.

Fake news has exploded in the news cycle in recent months, and while it’s hard to say exactly how many people have been affected by the fake-news onslaught, it’s clear that a large number of Americans have been exposed to it.

Fake-news stories have been used to sway public opinion, sway elections, and to further divide America.

The mainstream media has long embraced fake news stories as fact, and even when those stories are challenged, it tends to be used as an excuse to discredit them.

In other words, fake-spoke-on-fake-news narratives can be as damaging to the public’s trust in news organizations as any of the other types of fake-story propaganda.

Fake News: A Case Study in Reality, Lies, and Propaganda While the news media has embraced the fake narrative, many news organizations have also been quick to take advantage of the problem.

Many outlets have attempted to manipulate public opinion to push their stories, and in many cases, have done so with alarming efficiency.

In some cases, news organizations even actively try to push fake news.

For example, the fake story that CNN is running about the assassination of Seth Rich was a fabricated story.

The fact that the story originated from the mainstream news outlet CNN was ignored by the mainstream mainstream news outlets that are now peddling the story.

It was only after it was exposed by CNN’s sister network,, that the network retracted the story and admitted it was a false report.

The other examples that follow, in no particular order, are examples of media outlets trying to use fake news as an argument for their own agendas.

CNN was not the first news outlet to attempt to discredit a story based on false reporting.

In 2016, news outlets from Breitbart News, Alex Jones’ Infowars, and InfoWars, to the Washington Post, The Daily Beast, and many others, used fake news to discredit multiple mainstream news stories.

As part of the effort to push a narrative, news sites are now using stories from reputable news outlets to push false information.

In the case of CNN, the media outlet has even taken to lying about its content.

The New York Times used a story from a reputable news outlet, BuzzFeed, to attack the legitimacy of the story that was published in the New York Post.

In an effort to attack an investigation into the Seth Rich case, the New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, and several members of Congress pushed bogus news stories and other fake news claims to push for a false narrative.

In one case, they pushed a fake news story claiming that the family of Rich had paid for a Trump supporter to kill Rich.

The story that the governor and others pushed back against was based on an investigation by the New Hampshire State Police into the death of Rich.

There were numerous news outlets which were not only spreading the false news story that Rich was killed by Seth Rich, but were actively promoting it.

These fake news outlets are just one example of the types of misinformation and propaganda that are being fed to the American people.

In this article, we will look at the ways that fake news can be used to shape public opinion and drive a wedge between Americans.

The Fake News Problem While fake news has been used in the past to divide people, it is not the only issue that fake stories pose a threat to the news community.

The problem of fake content has been exacerbated by a number of other issues, including the rise of social media, which has made it easier for people to spread misinformation.

The proliferation of social networks has also created a lot of confusion about what constitutes fake news and what actually counts as news.

In short, a lot more is fake than the mainstream press would like to admit.

And in some cases fake news content has even been promoted by politicians and media outlets.

One example of this is the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which is often promoted by the alt right, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, and

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