Uruguay’s central bank has defined economic hardship as people who are unable to find work due to the impact of a drought.

According to the central bank, economic hardship means those who have to borrow money to buy basic goods, or those who cannot find enough money to pay rent.

The central bank also says that those living on less than $3 a day should not have to pay taxes.

“The situation has become extremely difficult and extreme,” said Juan Carlos López, vice president of the National Bank of Uruguay.

Lópiz said the central banker was concerned about the situation because the economy had grown by 5.5% over the past year.

Loringa said the problem of food insecurity was the most pressing issue, and that the central government was taking measures to solve it.

“There is not enough food,” he said.

The government also said that the drought was causing the deaths of more than 30,000 people.

The drought has affected crops and the water supply in Uruguay, as well as livestock, livestock manure, fertilizers, irrigation and other supplies.

“We are trying to find solutions to meet the needs of our citizens and the environment,” Loringam said.

Lobo said that during the drought, people could buy food on the black market for as little as $1 a kilo.

Losing water, he said, was not a problem, but people were forced to rely on the state to help them.

“In the past, we could not control the water, we had no water tanks,” he told Mediapart.

“Now we have the state.

We are trying.”

Lobo added that some people were turning to smuggling to survive.

“If the government can not solve this problem, then we have to ask for help from outside.”

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